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Altitude: 635 m above sea-level
Surface: 97 km2
Population: 4.318 (Caltavuturesi)
Neighbouring Communes: Polizzi Generosa, Scillato, Sclafani Bagni, Castellana Sicula
Zip Code: 90022

Dialling Code: 0921

According to many scholars the origin of the town is to be dated back to Arab rule, since its name derives from the Arabic word Qal'at Abi l-Thawra (stronghold of Abu Thawra), named after a Muslim leader who conquered it.
During Norman rule the town belonged to the family of Count Roger, and under the Swabians it was ceded to Ventimiglia; afterwards several families succeeded until the sixteenth century.
In 1550 some of the inhabitants moved outside the city walls, at an altitude below the rocky terrace "Terravecchia, seat of the primary town.

Worth visiting: Castle Terravecchia, Mother Church, Gorges of Gazzara, Terravecchia, Rocca di Sciara, "the werewolves" , The Church of the House.

Main celebration for the patron saint (Our Lady of Help), St. Calogero.
Main displays:  Ferla Mushroom Fest, White Night, Folk Festival .

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